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What is a Dream Analysis by text?

Dee’s gifted team will provide dream texts Dream Analysis via Text Message on your mobile phone.  Giving you the chance to get a deeper insight on the questions you have about your dream meaning and dream interpretation.  A NEW dream analysis texts service created just for you so you can conveniently text any questions you might have to
(see below).  

How? Text Dream with your question to

Your answers will be sent by text to you just by using your mobile phone | cellphone.  Ask your dream questions and get answers to your phone whether you are on the move or from the comfort of your own home. 

All Dream Analysis Texts questions and replies are treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Your identity and privacy are always fully protected.

Dream Definition 

Your dream is a combination of sensations, images and thoughts that occur in your mind when you sleep. It is an experience of waking life.

Dreaming Happens During REM (rapid eye movement)

REM sleep is only a small part of your sleep, usually taking up around twenty percent of your overall sleep. Dreams mostly occur during REM sleep.  When you dream during REM, the serotonin levels in your body can be very low and acetylcholine levels can be very high. These levels combined explains why you might have trouble remembering your dreams when you wake up because they weren’t intended to be placed within your short term memory.

Perhaps there are things that you long for, or visions and aspirations that you have. These can be reflected in your dreams and even pictures and symbols that you dream of can have direct meaning in your life and your true direction.


Why choose Dee’s Dream Analysis Text Service?

Dream interpretations via text can help you gain an insight in not more than a couple of replies. When texting you simply text DREAM and your question to

What will your Dream Interpretation Texts cost?

There is just a one-time £1.00 charge for each text you receive and detailed answers may require 2 texts maximum. The first time you use Dee’s Dream Text Service you will be sent a message (no charge) asking you to confirm your first name and date of birth (standard Industry procedure just to confirm that you are over 18 before you use the service).

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Text the word DEE with your message


Thank you For Your Feedback.
L. Sharp Coventry, UK. - (March 8th 2015)
" Hi Dee.Would really like to thank Dee Rendall for my amazing reading. Things that were saidwere very close to my heart. And even things no one else knew were brought up in my reading.I want to thank you so much for putting myself at ease. You are an amazing ...

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P. WhiteBelfast, Northern Ireland, UK - (July 28th 2015)
" Hi Dee.Just had an amazing reading with Dee, she told me things that only I knew about.Even names she came up with and not your everyday names either.I have had a "few" reading over the years and let me tell you she is spot on with things she tells ...

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S. McdonoughLiverpool, UK. - (July 28th 2015)
" Hi Dee.A big thank you for the wonderful reading.You were spot onGood luck with your Tour. x "

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D. CowieManchester, UK. - (June 26th 2015)
" Hi Dee.I just want to say Thankyou very much for my fantastic reading yesterday and you'rethe first person that's brought through that piece of significant evidence about my Dogand I've been asking spirit for that in a message for a while !! You were spot onfor a lot of ...

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A. MulvaneyLiverpool, UK. - (July 26th 2015)
" Hi Dee.Thankyou for a fabulous night last night in Liverpool. Your show is amazing and so are you!Me my sister and Son attended and you told us things that we know came from our loved one!You have given my son some peace of mind and we will definitely be ...

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